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Download Preset Lightroom Gratis Newborn

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Download Preset Lightroom Gratis – Newborn Lightroom Presets – Portrait Lightroom Presets.

  • Presets for different situations, portrait, amazing eyes, with mother, clean interior, park and etc. What you will Receive:
  • A Zip File containing 20 Lightroom Preset files ( .lrtemplates )
  • Help txt and jpg file
  • Supported File Format: RAW / NEF / DNG, JPG, TIFF. LR Presets:
  • Baby Love 1 (soft color)
  • Baby Love 2 (amazing eyes)
  • Baby Love 3 (soft skin)
  • Baby Love 4 (matte)
  • Baby Love 5 (clean)
  • Baby Love 6 (soft warm)
  • Baby Love 7 (soft BW)
  • Baby Love 8 (whitening)
  • Baby Love 9 (natural)
  • Baby Love 10 (matte natural)
  • Baby Love 11 (matte clean)
  • Baby Love 12 (old effect)
  • Baby Love 13 (hight key)
  • Baby Love 14 (matte cold)
  • Baby Love 15 (soft pink)
  • Baby Love 16 (soft edge)
  • Baby Love 17 (soft green)
  • Baby Love 18 (vintage)
  • Baby Love 19 (magenta vignette)
  • Baby Love 20 (golden tone)

Download Preset Lightroom Gratis

Download Preset Lightroom Gratis

Download Preset Lightroom Gratis

Download Preset Lightroom Gratis

How to install – Download Preset Lightroom Gratis:

  1. Thank you for downloading, you are an amazing human.
  2. Locate and uncompress your files. Presets typically arrive as .zip files, so you will need to unzip them before you can use them. Uncompressed Lightroom presets have a .lrtemplate extension.
  3. Open Lightroom.
  4. If you’re using a Mac, locate the top menu bar and navigate to Lightroom > Preferences. In Windows, you will navigate to Edit > Preferences.
  5. When the Preferences box appears, select the Presets tab.
  6. Click on the button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”
  7. A new Finder window (Mac) or Explorer window (Windows) will appear. Open the Lightroom folder, then open the Develop Presets folder.
  8. Copy and paste presets into this folder.
  9. Restart Lightroom. You will find your new presets located in the Develop Module under the Presets section, along the left side of the screen.

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