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Download Efek Photoshop Keren Animated Retro Vintage Film

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Download Efek Photoshop Keren – This Action will generate a video sequence of animated vintage effects from your images or videos.

The effects are packed in clips and are easy to edit in the Timeline of Photoshop, in few clicks you’ll be able to make many variations and then export the file as a normal image, animated gif or video! The uses are many and it can be handy in many situations, it works for the creation of content in low resolution like Gif or banners and also HD content.

The whole process is very easy and quick. Everything inside Photoshop!

Download Efek Photoshop Keren

Download Efek Photoshop Keren

Download Efek Photoshop Keren

Download Efek Photoshop Keren

Features – Download Efek Photoshop Keren:

  • Easy to use and fully editable. Non destructive
  • 24 Color options
  • Very well organized layers structure, color-coded and grouped
  • Animated Light Leaks, Retro Film Frames, Camera Shakes and much more!
  • Text guide and detailed video walkthrough
  • Tested on images between 250 and 2500 pixels

Tested and working on the English version of Photoshop CS6, CC+. If you’re using Photoshop in another language in the documentation there’s a link that shows how to change it temporarily.


  1. Inside Photoshop, go to the ‘Window’ menu and select ‘Actions’. A window
    will now appear to the right hand side.
  2. Inside the Actions window, click on the top right hand corner icon to reveal
    the drop down menu. From here select ‘Load Actions…’. Select the action which
    came with the download.
  3. The action will now appear in the actions panel.


  1. Open a photo to work with
  2. Leave the photo layer locked and set as the ‘Background’. For instructions on how to
    set your photo as the background, please refer to the beginning of the video tutorial.
  3. Create a new layer above the background layer called ‘brush’. MUST be all lowercase.
  4. With the ‘brush’ layer selected, brush onto the areas of
    your photo that you want to apply the effect to.
  5. Now choose a direction and click play on the action.

Applications Supported : Adobe Photoshop
File Types : ATN

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